Outlining the rules and procedures governing the delivery of consular services

Pursuant to a Cameroon Government instruction, contained in a Ministry of External Relations letter N” 343/DIPL/D11/SDPIAC of 7th October 202A, defining the rules and procedures governing the duties of Cameroon’s Honorary Consuls in ltaly (Milan, Naples and Trieste),

Mindful of the reigning public health crises resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic which is seriously inhibiting the free movement of goods and persons, especially that of prospective Applicants of consular services,

Mindful of the Embassy’s role in protecting, guiding and accompanying Cameroonians within its jurisdiction,

Pursuant to the Embassy’s commitment to render satisfactory services to the public, Conscious of occupational needs and realities,

The Ambassador has hereby decided as follows: click here to read more

Author: redaction

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